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We’re OpenTable’s design team. We help diners experience the world through dining and we help restaurants grow thriving businesses.

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We are a global team of 40+ product designers, brand designers, content strategists and design leaders located globally across the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada.
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What we believe

This is our guiding light for how we lead, collaborate, design our products and build our teams.

Our mission

Our mission at OpenTable is to help people experience the world through dining.

Our values

We bring the heat. We challenge the status quo. We team up. When you’ve got a seat at our table, you’ll question and push, use data to inform decision-making, and collaborate across our team to solve diners’ and restaurants’ most important needs.

Our UX principles

Our principles help us drive consistency, create shared understanding and ensure we are steering in the same direction as our company objectives.

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Our brand principles

Our brand pillars help create a cohesive identity and brand foundation that represents who we are and how we behave in the world in an authentic and engaging way.

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How we work

Our process is at the heart of everything we do - it's what helps us to stand-out. By us all working to the same process we all understand what's required of ourselves and each other, and in turn we work better together.

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How we design for restaurants at OpenTable

Our designers are incredibly driven to continuously grow the value we offer both diners and restaurants.

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Lessons in growth design

Lessons in growth design and dining during COVID-19

We shifted business during the pandemic and quickly built a product restaurants needed, but how were we to ensure restaurants and diners would use it?

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OpenTable’s designers are the warmest, most humble and funniest team of designers you’ll work with. Every designer has a direct impact on our company strategy, has ownership of specific product experiences and helps shape our design system.